Sleeping Accommodation:
Dorm One: Seven bunk-beds (14 people) Dorm Two: Five bunk-beds (10 people)
Two Bedrooms: Three beds and vanity unit in each
Kitchen and Dining Area:
Fully equipped with cooking utensils, pots, pans
Gas and electric cookers, microwave
Immersion water heater
Showers: Two showers, separate toilet
Toilets: Three toilets, separate washroom
Games/Meeting room: Stackable tables and chairs
Outside sheds available for wet gear or secure storage.
Please download and print a copy of the Housekeeping Instructions to take with you on your visit to Mote Park, thank you.


Bedding: All visitors must bring their own pillowcase and sleeping bag. The Pillow cases provided is an under-case. Please ensure that all cases are on pillows when you leave. Please ensure that children do not climb on beds with shoes on and that food is not consumed in bedrooms.

Fire Drill: Please carry out a fire drill within the first three hours of your arrival. Leaders should know location of fire extinguishers and read the instructions prior to use.

Keys: Please contact: Mary Kelly 087 285 4769, a few days before your arrival and arrangements will be made to leave key for you.

Gas: There is a spare gas cylinder in the shed, the wrench for changing the cylinder is in the drawer in the kitchen.

Refuse: There is no refuse collection from the cottage. Visitors are asked to ensure that all food waste is placed in compost bin at the back of site. Recyclables are to be sorted and placed in plastic bags in back shed.

Visitors are expected to take rubbish generated away with them, however if this is not possible pre-paid rubbish bags are available to purchase – pre-paid refuse sacks can be purchased at €6 each.

Cleaning: Visitors are required to complete and sign a Departure Checklist, if additional cleaning is found to be necessary a charge of €30 will be added to the final balance due.

Smoke Detectors: All rooms have smoke detectors. The kitchen has a heat detector – when heat rises it will set off the fire alarm. Please use the extractor fan when cooking.

Fire Alarm: To silence fire alarm insert key (on top of alarm box) turn right to press, silence sounder, then re-set, then turn back key and remove key.

ESB Emergencies: 09066 26399

Electricity Usage: Included in accommodation rate.

Water Heating: The switch is in the kitchen cupboard. There are two settings; one night time rate and one instant. A water heater under the sink in the kitchen can be turned on for instant hot water for dishwashing, etc.

Water Pump Switch: Leave switch for pumps ON as is pumps water to the showers.

Heaters: Kitchen and Front Room have storage heaters/convector with a switch on the wall beside each heater: sh = storage night rate.

Convector heater can be used at any time. The hall has storage heaters. The bedrooms are manual/auto – set as you require.